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SMS-messages are the key communication channel for business today. From simple marketing campaigns to personalized customer service or 2FA, SMS provides a quick and easy way to provide value your products and providing your customers with the best experience.

Key features

  • Single global connection

    You do not need to sign contracts with specific mobile operators separately, you will only have to conclude a single contract with us, which will allow you to send SMS messages to your customers around the world.

  • Available to everyone

    SMS advertising is the most inexpensive and effective type of advertising, which makes it an indispensable tool for promoting both for private entrepreneurs, and for large businesses.

  • Global Coverage

    Direct contracts with more than 500 mobile operators around the world will allow sending a sms message to anywhere in the world right now.

  • Direct connections to mobile operators

    Direct connections to mobile operators around the world allow our customers to send sms messages without loss of quality. The absence of intermediaries makes it possible to deliver sms as quickly as possible.

  • Different route

    We can provide our clients with a choice of routes depending on what level productivity and cost of mailing is needed by our customers.

  • Full-function

    You can find in our office all the functions, in order to maximize the accuracy configure your newsletter before sending it. You can adjust the time and date of sending your SMS campaign, smooth distribution.

  • 24-hour technical support

    If you have any difficulties with our service, our 24-hour technical support will help you to understand them.

  • Targeted customers for your business

    You can make a newsletter both on your database of numbers and order our database of numbers, and we will let you choose numbers according to the given parameters depending on sex, age, profession, level of income, etc. You can send SMS ads those potential customers who are really interested.

  • Geo-mailings

    Send SMS to those people who are in geographical availability from your business, those who pass every day past your store and after receiving SMS from you can get what you offer him.

  • No moderation

    Sign an agreement with us and your messages will be sent as quickly as possible and without preliminary verification.

  • Congratulations

    You can congratulate your customers on holidays, refer to them by name and track with the help of detailed statistics the effectiveness of your mailings.

  • Flexible distribution settings

    Selecting an alpha name, creating message templates, managing number bases and analysis of the effectiveness of previous mailings. You can adjust the time and date of sending your SMS campaign, smooth delivery.

Know more...

Several ways to connect and send messages

    To send sms messages using our service, you can use our web portal or connect via API. You can register in our service and access the client portal, available around the clock and from anywhere in the world. If you want to send sms messages remotely from your program, site or service, it's easy to do, using our API. We can provide a wide range of ways to connect to our service through various protocols in the API.

  • Enormous market coverage, in developed countries, the penetration rate mobile communication is more than 150%.

  • 99.9% of subscribers read received SMS and more than 90% of them do it within the first 4 minutes after receiving on the phone.

  • Conversion SMS mailings is more than 15%. The effectiveness of SMS advertising is higher than other types of advertising.

  • SMS advertising does not irritate subscribers, if it is really useful and you have received consent from the subscriber for the mailing.

Examples of using

  • SMS advertising

    Attract new customers and skew your current customers about new promotions and sales, offer discounts on your services, goods at attractive prices and pleasant bonuses for your company's products. This type of SMS messages is designed to increase turnover and raise the profits of your business.

  • Reminders

    Reminders that there is an occasion to make a purchase or order a service from you. This type of SMS advertising is very good for selling seasonal goods or services, for example, remind the client that winter is coming soon and you need to change the summer tires, or soon the summer and it's time to think about how to spend your vacation. You can also remind the customer who has already made a purchase, that you need to pick up the goods or pay for it.

  • One-time passwords

    Enhance the security of your service, let your customers use one-time passwords to log into their account or financial transactions. You will allow customers to link their phone number and make risky transactions only the owner of the phone number. Very often you can see how sms messages for this use large social networks, postal services, hosting providers, etc.

  • Service messages

    Informing the client about the status of the order, transactions on the bank card, delivery of the goods to the post office, a reminder that the client has an important meeting or training, about the fact that he signed up to see a doctor and so on. This type of messages increases the loyalty of customers to your company.

  • Congratulations

    Congratulate your customers on the significant date, happy birthday, golden wedding, so that he is your thousandth client and offer him buy a product or service that will make his holiday brighter.

  • Non-commercial SMS

    Customers can subscribe to your service and receive the latest news from financial markets, notifications of home budget expenses, reminders that you need not to miss training, planners of time, sleep, etc. It will be useful for those services that make everyday life better

  • SMS advertising is aimed at the target audience, in contrast to the same television or radio advertising.

  • Everything is absolutely legal. Subscribers agree to receive SMS and at any time they can unsubscribe from mobile operators.

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