You can integrate your site or application with our SMS Gateway, using HTTPS SMS API. For sending SMS via SENDSMSGATE SMS API you need to make a HTTPS GET or POST request to our API, using your login and password at our service. You can meet with details needed to make correct requests to SENDSMSGATE HTTPS SMS API.

Get all details from our explanation of how to use SENDSMSGATE HTTPS API, it helps you integrate your service easy and without common mistakes - you can see how to use parameters of every request to HTTPS SMS API correctly.

CUSTOMER’s requests must be transmitted to the EXECUTOR’s server, the encrypted version of SSL:

Sending SMS API endpoint

Sending SMS parameters

Variable Description Format Required Example
user SENDSMSGATE login Alphanumeric Yes wfwf1Dsa
pwd SENDSMSGATE password Alphanumeric Yes wfwf1Dsa
sadr SMS sender (the displayed value of who sent the message on your handset) Alphanumeric Yes YourShop
text SMS message content Alphanumeric Yes Hello world! This is my test SMS.
dadr Single or multiple numbers of recipients of SMS Numeric Yes 4915171112233 or 4915171112234, 4915171112235, 4915171113235 (use сomma)

How does correct request to HTTPS API looks like? of SMS

or for multiple numbers:, 4915171112234, 4915171112235&text=text of SMS

More information about send SMS parameter "dadr"

Make sure that you use correct value of parameter dadr. Please follow the international formatting E.164

For example, you are sending an SMS to mobile number 15171113235 in Germany (country prefix: +49). The correctly formatted number would then become: 4915171113235

No leading 00 or +, also no spaces or dashes in the number.

How can I understand that SMS was sent correctly?

In response to the request received, you will receive from the service either the SMS ID that you sent this will mean that the SMS was processed correctly and sent. If the SMS consisted of several parts, then each part of the SMS will be assigned its own ID, they will be displayed in a string separated by commas.

For example:



38421, 38422, 38425 (for SMS to multilple numbers)

If you receive SMSID, it means that SMS were sent by SENDSMSGATE SMS Gateway to recepients.