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How to integrate SMS Gateway api in your website or online store ?

    • Using SMS API Gateway, you can send bulk SMS from your application or site. SMS gateway api is easy to integrate, you can send mass SMS campaigns to your clients, SMS notifications from your software

    • Below we will tell you how to send Bulk SMS or 2fa verification SMS from the web and connect SMS api gateway for companies for free and how connecting via our SMS Gateway api will help your company get additional income

    • What is SMS gateway api integration? We will tell you in this article.

    • What is SMS gateway api integration and how to integrate your site to SMS API Gateway?

    • Many businesses are interested in how to send Bulk SMS, OTP notifications or verification a2p SMS to their customers from an application, online store, website? It is simple if you use our SMS gateway api.

    • First you need to figure out - there are a2p SMS and p2p SMS.

      P2P SMS is the sending of SMS from a subscriber of a mobile network from a telephone to another subscriber to a telephone. A2P - this is sending SMS from the Internet via API using special software to mass subscribers on their phones. The difference is that only legal entities can send A2P sms and as a rule they send mass sms in their own commercial interests.

    • In order to send a2p SMS you need to use specialized software that is connected to mobile operators. Such software have bulk SMS services, for example SMS Gateway Provider SENDSMSGATE (

    • You can connect to the SMS Gateway Provider SENDSMSGATE using SMS gateway api integration for free.

    • Using SMS gateway api integration you can not only send Bulk SMS advertising campaigns or SMS notification or a2p verification SMS, but also receive delivery reports, find out the current balance in your account, the number of SMS messages available for sending. Although connecting to an SMS gateway is simple, it requires certain skills of a programmer, so small businesses often have to turn to freelancers. Connection occurs on the same day, you only need to have a login, password and technical information from an SMS provider with a connection point.

    • What can I do after connecting to the api SMS gateway?

    • By connecting to the SMS gateway api, you can send Bulk SMS or SMS notifications or SMS verification codes, select the sender’s name, download the database of numbers for distribution, use templates and tags to personalize SMS before sending. You can also receive incoming SMS from your customers, see statistics on sent SMS and conversion of your SMS campaigns.

      SMS Gateway Provider SENDSMSGATE gives you the opportunity to send your Bulk SMS or send SMS notifications via the SMS gateway api at the lowest price on the market - Australia, UK, USA, Canada - the price for sending SMS is below 0.01 euros. It is very affordable for small businesses and allows you to send SMS to anywhere in the world using SMS Gateway API integration for free

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