2-way SMS, receive inbound SMS and send in reply
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Two-way communication with the clients

Make communication with your customers even more effective. Give your customers the opportunity to respond to your advertising message and get feedback from them. You can install with the client dialog and send them automatic sms depending on what they answer you.

Key feature

  • Get targeted Customers

    Now you can find out about those customers who are interested in your product, now it's your target audience, it makes sense to concentrate the efforts of your sales team.

  • Set up the dialog

    The ability to get a reply SMS from your customers and find out what they think about your product, find out their need and offer something, that they will be interested.

  • Reply SMS

    Program trigger messages in response to specific actions of your client base. The client can respond to your SMS, can unsubscribe from the newsletter, can specify the details of your promotional offer.

  • Increasing loyalty

    Take care of your customers and give them the opportunity to express opinion about your advertising company.

  • Customers can unsubscribe from mailings

    Dissatisfied with SMS sending customers can unsubscribe from the newsletter, just sending a reply sms, not accumulating a negative to your brand.

  • Collection of the database of numbers

    Accumulate the base of subscribers telephone numbers. Your future SMS Campaigns will be more large-scale and effective

Examples of using

  • Targeted customers

    Find out the opinion of your customers about the service in your restaurant, the level of service of your hotel.

  • Interactive interaction with the service

    Make work with your service interactive and save on technical support employees.

  • Learn the opinions of customers

    You can attract new customers and weed out the general base numbers of your target customers.

  • Unhappy clients can unsubscribe

    Dissatisfied with SMS sending customers can now unsubscribe from the mailing, just sending a reply sms, without accumulating a negative to your brand.

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